Laparoscopic Surgery Single Port in Tampico

Single port for their single English words (only) (port). The single port is an advanced type of minimally invasive surgery in which a single access into the abdomen through the navel with one working port (usually in laparoscopic surgery are more than 3 holes in the skin and is used so are at least 3 scars left in the abdomen).

In single port surgery a single wound to the abdominal cavity is performed and therefore a better cosmetic result by eliminating any scar is obtained as this is in the navel or new belly button so to speak.

A single port surgery done with procedures less pain and less risk of creating a future umbilical hernia (hernia at the navel) Single port technology can be applied in surgeries such as:

  • Colecistectomía (extracción de la vesícula)
  • Hernias (hernioplasties)
  • Appendectomy (removal of the appendix)
  • Fundoplications (correction reflux)
  • Colon Surgery (total or partial colectomy)
  • Bariatric surgery (obesity surgery)