Gastric Band

The adjustable gastric band is a silicone ring with an inflatable bladder inside that will be connected to a device that allow you to modify its internal diameter.

The adjustable gastric band is placed in the upper stomach, reducing the ability of the stomach to receive food, so food intake with less than 50 CC an important sense of fullness and satisfaction occurs. This feeling of fullness and satisfaction facilitates compliance with the dietary program by the patient. Thus, it is a restrictive method for the treatment of obesity.

The adjustable gastric band is indicated in patients with morbid obesity (BMI greater than 40) or severely obese (BMI between 35 and 39) when associated diseases are suffering, will improve with weight loss is expected to achieve.

Recently, the intervention is being applied in patients with a BMI between 37 and 39, yet there are no associated diseases, as long as the patient so desires and there are no contraindications. This is due to the low rate of complications and rapid recovery from the operation.

55 to 60% of overweight suffering, buy you may lose more, depending on the patient.

Half of this weight is lost during the first 6 months, and the remainder over the following 12 to 16 months.

Weight losses are permanent, as long as the patient maintain the new dietary habits.